Sourced the World Over

We go to great lengths to source the stone and slabs for your project

Sourced the World Over

We go to great lengths to source the stone and slabs for your project

Sourcing Stunning Stone

One of the joy's of working with a natural materials such as natural stones, is the journey these materials take from the sites where they are quarried. Natural stone is a fascinating material one which has been desired and valued since the earliest civilisations and empires. Why? It has a deeply personal effect on each person who views and interacts with it. The intense geological processes which formed these wonderful materials are locked in time in an instant preserved in rich and deep colours, patterns and veins. Understanding this fascination is one part of the process of selecting slabs for our clients. 

Our journeys to source slabs for client projects is always done in a way which recognises how these raw materials will be applied in your project with all due consideration for their visual effect. Its not about sizes and quantifiable measurements. 

Stone selection is about using the knowledge of the client, the project and the effect achieveable with each stone type, and how best to harness the beauty and facination of each slab to transport that effect into your project. Sometimes in a world of infinite measurement and definition, its good to keep things of natural beauty in the realms of immeasurable wonder and let the experienced eye, and the gut determine the selection process.

If you would like to know more about how we could help source stone for your project, please do contact us. We would be happy to help advise. 

Stone Quarry

We visit quarries across the globe to source and select slabs for prestigious client projects. 

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