Processing materials for specifications

We can cut, profile, fabricate and finish a wide range of popular and specialist surface materials

Processing - comprehensive processing service

Typically raw material products, especially natural stone is supplied or imported in large formats such as slabs, or blocks. Before these are ready to be installed into projects the slabs will require cutting to size and formats necessary to suit the installation. This sort of processing of the raw materials is done before delivery to the project site, due to the scale of machinery required to complete these processes. 

We can provide a wide range of such processing services. These services include cutting of slabs to specified dimensions to maximise use of raw material slabs and minimise wasted materials. We can also carry out edge profiling, specialist surface finishing such as polishing and fabricating of slabs to build up to specified depths, as is often required with worktops. 

We also provide architectural stone services some of which work can be carried out on site, whilst preparatory procesing is carried out before arriving on project site. 

If you have specialist material processing requirements then please do get in contact to discuss.

Know-how - makes all the difference

Material Processing

We are equiped with the machinery and know-how as well as the knowledge of how your materials need to be prepared for your particular site. So take advantage of this comprehensive stone and material processing service for a project which benefits from the integrity of a complete solution.

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